Sofia Kourtesis

David Boldt

Finished Recordings

In last October, after one hour of sleep, Max sat down at his drums in the recording room Schaltraum to play the drums for our new recordings. Studio hangover feeling at its best, a feeling, being more or less representative for all the following sessions. The constantly ailing producer Simon Wangemann from I heart Sharks, regularly wearing a big scarf, a red nose and clutching a big mug of tea while being on Grippostad, who was sitting in front of Pro Tools giving us hoarse instructions. A continually tired Ben who was lolling leisurely on the purple couch by Gordon Raphael. David, who, perfectly in time with the start of the vocal recordings, had lost his voice, Mirko completely stressed out by exams and Julius with an i-can’t-stand-you-all attitude because he was lacking mains adapters for his pedalboard.

All in all, we had a great and successful time, which makes us proud to announce that the finished mixes are at the Skyline Tonfabrik for mastering. So be curious!

Frankfurt with Battles

Best St. Nicholas Day present we ever got.

Creative Time

We are working on some new songs at the moment. Just at home playing acoustic guitars, singing and drinking. We made up some good ideas. Hopefully there will be some new songs soon.

Grey Television supporting Battles

On the 6th of December we are going to support the amazing Battles in Frankfurt in one of their concerts. We are really looking forward to playing a great show with those veterans of math rock, after their evenly incredible record lable Warp, the place to be for avant-garde music, asked us to join them as their supportive act.

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New booking!

After we had played with Gold Panda in Heidelberg, his booking got interested in us and our music. Now we can proudly claim to be at the same booking agency as our fellow musicians Gold Panda and Wild Nothing: Pop Mondial.
We are really looking forward working together.


Last night we had soundcheck at Kino International. We’ve been checking until 03.00 am. We were very tired but we are totally looking forward to our gig at Indie Heros tonight. See you there!

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Grey Television @ Indie Heroes

See us on Friday playing Indie Heroes at Kino International. It’s going to be different … but fun!

Grey Television in Heidelberg

We would love sharing some pictures of our trip to Heidelberg. Enjoy it:

Live-Interview with Grey Television on flux FM

Yesterday we had the pleasurable occasion to be live on flux fm. For those of you who missed it just check out these recordings:

Grey Television Interview part I

Grey Television Interview part II

Fragments video shoot

Last Saturday we had a video shoot for Fragments and a photo shooting.  We ve been in a dark basement in Neu Kölln, and we had much fun. Now we would like to share some first impressions with you:

(c) photos by Benjamin Sohn